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My goal is to be YOUR
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To be the person you turn to for real estate information and advice whether you're actively involved in the real estate market or not.

I am a full time - full service Real Estate Broker

Full time REALTOR® Buying - Selling - Renting connect with Joyce Lin Tips for preparing to sell your home


You may believe your house is worth a certain amount, but what determines the true value, is the market. Listen to your Real Estate Professional about current market conditions. Price it right.

Be willing to reduce the price if the current price does not generate showings and if you haven't had an offer in 4 weeks, drop the price.

Expect being inconvenienced. Be flexible about showings, your goal is to sell your home. Restricting showing times will limit the number of buyers that see your home.

Keep an open mind, be prepared for offers, decide in advance what price and terms you will be willing to accept.

Putting your home's best foot forward

Most buyers make up their minds seconds after entering a property. Nothing turns a buyer away quicker than a home that appears less than well cared for.

Get rid of clutter, newspapers and magazines, clean out the garage, wash your windows and screens.

Make sure they will remember your storage. Closets should be organized and not overly full, leave room.

Keep everything extra clean, check your light switches for smudges, clean the stove and refrigerator. Get rid of smells, clean carpeting and drapes, open the windows.

Replace any burned out bulbs, make sure your rooms are well lit, including the basement.

Make minor repairs that can create a bad impression, dripping faucets, torn screens, cracked or missing caulking, doors that stick, anything that could give the buyers the impression that the house is not well maintained.

Straighten up your yard, cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the bushes, repair holes in your driveway and reseal it, clean your gutters.

Spruce up your entry, replace your doormat, replace your door knobs, add flowers or suitable cold weather plants, edge the grass around the walkway, replace your mailbox,

Remove your pets from the home during a showing, if you can't, crate or confine them and make sure your Real Estate Professional knows where they will be located.

Leave your home during the showing, you want buyers to be comfortable.

Don't underestimate the impact of staging

Be willing to work with a Stager, if that isn't in your budget, consider the following:

Add new pillows to your couch or a throw, add fresh flowers or plants, set your table with pretty dishes and candles or a centerpiece, freshen up your window treatments sheer curtains let in more light, buyers like luxury in the bathroom fluffy towels, guest soap, replace your shower curtain, put a plush rug on the floor, display scented candles.

Rearrange and edit your furniture. Removing a piece or two will make the room feel bigger. Keep your kitchen counter free of appliances.

If you have a fireplace, make it stand out, clean soot marks, keep fresh logs stacked in the fireplace or use a candelabra/candles if you don't use the fireplace.

Help the buyers see themselves in your home, take down or put away family photos, knickknacks, collectibles and toys.

A fresh coat of paint does wonders.